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Ostatni wywiad z Marilyn Monroe 1/3 (dokument)

Marilyn: The Last Interview. Film dokumentalny z 1992 roku. Richard Meryman rozmawia z MM o sławie. Zobacz też

Marilyn Monroe – Photographs – At Tobey Beach by Andre DeDienes (1949)

Marilyn Monroe’s session At Tobey Beach by Andre DeDienes (1949)

03 – Marilyn Monroe – When I Fall In Love – Original Version – HD AUDIO

03 – Marilyn Monroe – When I Fall In Love – Original Version HD AUDIO

Soft waves! Marilyn Monroe inspired hairstyle

I chose this style instead of the perhaps more classic, soft and curly look which miss Monroe is so known for. I also feel this style is a little more “mod” Marilyn.. However, I like both the curly and sleek look equally. About the style: You could probably use hot rollers instead of doing the big pin curls.. it would certainly be quicker, it’s up to you. For me, I don’t like exposing my hair to heat, plus I think doing the soft pin curls gives the hair a whole other texture – plus it lasts longer than the hot rollers! Anyway, Hope you like this, enjoy 🙂

Marilyn Monroe – The Last Interview 1962 part 1 / 3

—– My new YouTube Channel : themarilyn1969monroe —– NOTICE : Marilyn Monroe DID NOT commit suicide ….. Richard Merryman from Life magazine visit Marilyn in late july 1962. The interview were published just three days before she died on August 3, 1962.


Three months before she died, Marilyn Monroe made this sultry May 1962 appearance at Madison Square Garden in New York City to sing “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy.


Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting Portrait

Marilyn Monroe back from New York in 1956

Visit Marilyn Monroe is interviewed in California after a year-long stay in New York in 1956. They discuss making the movie Bus Stop. Clip courtesy of ‘Beyond the Legend’ – An A&E Biography. “” appears on the video to advertise the web site. does not claim copyrights and no infringements are intended.

MARİLYN MONROE caricature drawing gökhan sav

Marilyn Monroe’s MAKE-UP

read where to get things: Find me on FACEBOOK READ my other daily diary blog at: This is a costume video look for the fab Marylin Monroe, including all the secrets from her make-up artist, Whitey Asher, that did her make-up from her first screen tests to her actual funeral make-up! I hope you like this video!