My Week With Marilyn Behind the Scenes – Marilyn Monroe (2011) HD

My Week With Marilyn Behind the Scenes – Marilyn Monroe (2011) HD Subscribe to TRAILERS: Colin Clark, an employee of Sir Laurence Olivie…

50 Responses to My Week With Marilyn Behind the Scenes – Marilyn Monroe (2011) HD

  1. camprockfan37 says:

    Does anyone know if there’s another video on YouTube that showcases stuff
    like 2:25-2:32?

  2. friesmatter says:

    *Gasp!* Someone has a different opinion, oh my! Haha, loonie/looney: short
    for lunatic, idiot. In your case(seeing as your an Emma Watson fan):
    emmaloon. Emma+looney=emmaloon, see not so hard.:) Anyhoo, I don’t like
    Emma, plain and simple. “And I can say whatever the fuck I want, so deal
    with it” Uh, yea, ok, so can I, right? Or are ppl who only share your
    opinion allowed, oh your royal highness?

  3. thelovepuppyboat says:

    I wish they would have done something about michelle williams teeth, they
    were distracting for her performance as marilyn.

  4. Robert McFaden says:

    I fell in love with this! Such passion!

  5. IHeartCookieMonsterCx says:

    I loved this movie

  6. XSanjiyanX says:

    omg, 4:26 – michelle looks SO AMAZING <3

  7. Emily Farrow says:

    Uhm, why are you a fucking pedo? Ew. You’re really disgusting.

  8. friesmatter says:

    No, come back! No one understands me like you do.:'(

  9. theblazingangel says:

    2:42 – 2:48 was bloody good!

  10. Cate poynter says:

    A Legendary Icon

  11. musicaltheatergeek79 says:

    @DiniGabbyFan never mind, she does say “wait a while, crocodile.” I
    couldn’t get past her accent at first.

  12. GypsyDancer995 says:

    I think anyone who is arguing about who would have been a better Marilyn
    Monroe is missing the bigger picture to this film. This movie wasn’t about
    finding someone who looked or acted exactly like Marilyn but to show the
    life of an amazing actress that was beyond her time. Stop arguing about
    “better actresses” and celebrate Marilyn’s life and the film that was
    inspired by it!

  13. The Loner Side says:

    I live for Youtube comment fights 🙂

  14. theblazingangel says:

    @TheRealAdfirmatio You and 1 billion others!!! XD

  15. HelenaNV says:

    @TheBLAAA1234567 Marilyn had blue eyes, actually.

  16. ecksor88 says:

    @CoasterBoy567 just like you’re mother.

  17. sirenadiana1 says:

    were used by her beauty, to enrich…

  18. 03mambo says:

    Maybe they should’ve gotten Suzie Kennedy to play Marilyn that would’ve
    been great to see!

  19. Adler36 says:

    Life is really very odd. Marilyn Monroe was an actress. She played roles.
    And now Michelle Williams plays Marilyn Monroe. But they say it’s based on
    a true story. I mean, this is so strange, somehow. Life is really like a
    stage… Maybe we are just actors too?

  20. lidiya rosd says:

    i watched this movie and it was so beautiful.

  21. Lukas Baliutavicius says:

    4:25 SONG NAME PLEASE!!! :*

  22. David Miranda says:

    Michelle Williams is fucking amazing. Watched a lot of her movies… super

  23. James Gallan says:

    i love you marilyn <3

  24. Woffia says:

    Get The Fuck Out

  25. TheBLAAA1234567 says:

    @peza33 fact is Marilyn had brown eyes. Perfect hair and beautiful makeup
    could of gone a step further with brown contacts. Saying that, great film.

  26. Adler36 says:

    How did they make Michelle Williams’ eyes blue? Contact lenses or digital?

  27. Jacqueline H says:

    In my opinion, yes Michelle Williams, in a way, looked like Marylin but in
    most of the acting it slipped. I know if you’re acting an actual person
    that you put a little of your own twist to it. Michelle Williams just put
    to much of her self, not enough Marilyn.

  28. ladyRxoxo says:

    They didn’t get the makeup right…. They should’ve got whitey, or at least
    used his tips

  29. TheWriterBuzz7 says:

    “Hope Always” by X Ray Dog

  30. animalwisperer says:

    Has this movie already come out in the movies in Australia?

  31. MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

    AMEN @spatiality!

  32. glee fan says:

    No your Jen

  33. EAE ElijahhAidenEntertainment says:

    michelle did an amazing job the only issue im having is those eyes !!
    Monroe has dark brown eyes

  34. friesmatter says:

    Your a badass little girl, aren’t ya?

  35. 124sexylady says:

    She definitely dosent have her body..she’s flat up and down..

  36. Khristina Levins says:

    She had black. I’m her that’s why she looked good but she pretrade a white

  37. MrBlackgrim23 says:

    emma watson kissing scene is fucking hot.. 3:36

  38. Richard Hanna says:

    The only actress in Hollywood that could have nailed Nicole Kidman. She has
    been channeling Marilyn for years, but she is too tall. Michelle attempted
    valiantly to play Marilyn. But lacked Marilyn’s beauty and grace. The
    result? We are reminded just how Beautiful and unique was Marilyn Monroe.
    She is still with us. Why? Because we still need her.

  39. Marcob215 says:

    What song is that ? in the end 4:42?

  40. groupiesrule says:

    If Eddie Redmayne wanted to take my shirt off, I would full on let him.

  41. popjexd says:

    Eddie dommenick

  42. Captain says:

    It’s so un-Hermione-like but I love it! NYAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

  43. whitetiger769 says:

    Audry Hepburn is better and more classy but still it looks cool

  44. Beautifulstar24 says:

    @spatiality A lot of women during that ear had curves and they were
    beautiful. MM, Jayne Mansfield, Sophia Loren, Dorothy Dandridge, Rita
    Hayworth, Anita Ekberg, just to name a few.

  45. Chris Mc Evoy says:

    I love this movie. It was a great movie. I wish I could’ve spent a week
    with Marilyn myself.

  46. Emily Farrow says:

    Do you feel better? Unleashing your stupidity on the world really isn’t the
    way to vent. I have an idea, why don’t you go, get a fucking life, then I
    don’t have to waste my time on your stupid comments. You need to gtfo.
    Seriously. Emma is very pretty, so maybe you should stop hating because you
    are so jealous. Hiding behind your fucking computer screen cause you’re
    probably a fat ass ugly face dildo. And who the fuck said I was a
    potterhead? You’re a fucktard. GO DIE.

  47. SuperCadillacdude says:

    Marilyn Monroe was an amazing person. She was as intelligent as she was
    beautiful. If you look up some of her quotes she says really proound
    things, And @spatiality ur so right! Marilyn was a REAL woman. She was a
    size 14 which is a 16 today. R.I.P. * Marilyn Monroe*

  48. FurleyandFriends says:

    What does gtfo mean ?

  49. Samantha N says:

    @spatiality I’d also just like to say that while marilyn monroe was
    stunning and yes having curves was one of the biggest factors that made her
    sexy however, I feel like your comment implies that all women should have
    curves. Not all women can. Just like not all women can be stick thin.

  50. Emily Farrow says:

    Um oookaaaay, I’m sorry. You post a comment telling a human being, who is a
    talented beautiful actress to “GTFO” and then give no explanation
    whatsoever about why they should not be in the movie. She doesn’t even play
    a major role, so why the fuck are you hating on her? And I can say whatever
    the fuck I want, so deal with it 🙂 Deuces, thank you. YA LOONIE <--- wtf. speak english dumbass.

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